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Join the #FamiliaAhamkara

Put your problems aside and come to de-stress with us! Classes for the whole family in one place. Whether you have a lot of dance experience or are just starting out, there is always something new to learn. Enter our schedule of online classes and choose the one that works best with you.


Do not think. Just dance.



Ahamkara Expression Center was inaugurated on April 1, 2014 in Villa Adelina, in the province of Buenos Aires.

In our School, all artistic disciplines are taught for the whole family in 5 rooms simultaneously.

Now our School has two versions:



Our highly qualified staff for teaching classes is made up of graduates from the Instituto Superior Teatro Colón, staff from the Julio Bocca Foundation, staff from the Art Factory of Maximiliano Guerra, graduates and staff from the Reina Reech School, among others.

At the school we have rooms with wooden floors with air conditioning and air conditioning, complete changing rooms, gardens and living rooms for your total comfort.

"I am convinced that we all have a passion, and that is our most genuine engine ... my goal is that all people can find what they love to do so much ... and if it is in art ... Welcome to your House!"

Daiana Paola Tripi


Daiana Paola Tripi is the Director of the Ahamkara Center.

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At 5 years old, she began to teach Dance and from that moment on when she discovered her passion, she never stopped dancing and training.

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Our Director is Senior Professor of Classical Dances, Spanish Dances, Arab Dances (National and International with Amir Thaleb), Tap Dance.

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He was Staff of the Art Factory of Maximiliano Guerra and of the Julio Bocca Foundation until 2014 that opened the doors of Centro Ahamkara.

Join the #FamiliaAHK


Interactive classes where not only will it be a video but you can also be on a platform with your classmates. Amazing, right?


  • Musical comedy

  • Classic dance

  • Jazz dance

  • Theather Jazz & Tap Dance

  • Urban rhythms

  • Contemporary dance

  • Arabic dance

  • Heels


  • Stretching, Training & Meditation

  • Meditation and PNL

  • Yoga classes

  • Pilates Mat Classes

  • Artistic Gymnastics Training

  • Taekwon-Do classes



At Centro Ahamkara we have the best teachers in each area.

I learned with quality and like all Dance disciplines you will have the possibility to participate in our Annual Shows at the Astral Theater. One of the most recognized theaters in Buenos Aires.

It's never too late! You can too!

Our Staff is highly qualified for teaching classes: Graduates from the Instituto Superior Teatro Colón, Staff Julio Bocca Foundation, Staff Art Factory of Maximiliano Guerra, Graduates and Staff Reina Reech School, among others.

Do you want to ask us any questions?

We are here to help you 24 hours.

If you would like more information about the Ahamkara Expression Center, we will be happy to help you. Please fill out the following form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

BTG, Av. Bernardo Ader 1561, B1607 Villa Adelina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank you for your message!

You can also contact us Via WhatsApp: +5411.6484.0185

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What do you think of Ahamkara Center?

Alumna Belén Cuello

The school connected me to dancing, something that I had pending and that I always wanted to do. It motivated me to go to each class with enthusiasm, knowing that from the reception, from Dai and from each teacher, the welcome would be excellent. Everyone who works there has energy that recharges you.

Nativity Neck - Boulogne, Buenos Aires.

Alumno Carlos Meza

It is the ideal place to understand the passion of art, without the pressure of having to be the best, with the virtue of having fun and above all, being happy in what you do. I attended Centro Ahamkara with all my Family years ago and tomorrow we will start classes through the Virtual Platform!

Carlos Meza - Villa Adelina, Buenos Aires.

Alumna Ayelén Delescabe

Thank you Ahamkara Center for teaching us with such beautiful energy and such professionalism. The best North Zone School far! Beyond the classes that are great and there is something for everyone, what I like most about Centro Ahamkara is the energy that moves, a warm energy that makes you feel like a FAMILY. And now they also start with a virtual platform, I'm going to join as always!

Ayelén Delescabe - Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires.

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